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About Dread Monkey

Who is the Dread Monkey? Where does one get that reggae vibration in Vancouver? Keeping track of all the feeds for venues and promotors can be tricky. Keep in touch with us to know as soon as something is in the area. Then there is the weekly ritual of listening to George Barrett on CITR 101.9 spin the best of the best for all classes of reggae. His show is on Sunday from 12-3 pm. Its a weekly highlight for the latest and greatest. On Saturdays try out the African Caribbean Connection show on CJSF 90.1 Cptn DJ rEdEyEzz.

Dread Monkey's love for reggae developed into this platform to share and have access to upcoming shows and features. Please contribute and enjoy all that is available in the local area, both above and below the 49th parallel. Follow or join us as we take part, promote and actively pursue experiencing the genre, both locally and state side. Let us be your porthole to get you on the dance floor sooner than later. Come and hang with us and enjoy the unity of a shared consciousness.

Keep in touch, lets add to the community

Peace and blessings

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