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Dread Monkey Partners

Music Loving partners of The Dread Monkey

Thanks to our diverse, committed and passionate partners, The Dread Monkey is able to spread the message and impact of our music loving social enterprise.

Thanks and special shout out to all our partners in changing the world!

BC Dancehall

 BC Dancehall

If dancehall badness is your flavour check out Cptn Dj rEdEyEzz at BCDancehall, your local source for all the dancehall madness since 2000 AD, he knows what a gwan on....

It is our collective desire at to create a site that encompasses many different aspects of daily living and the culture of Dancehall music. Such facets that we find inherent to a person’s social realm include local, national and world news, music, and visual entertainment (i.e. video/film).
These are particulars what we feel illustrate and/or influence almost all social situations. Our aim is to elicit an exchange of thoughts and images which concern the issues facing people not only in Vancouver, B.c Canada(where we are based) , but also topics which all of us in the emerging global community face as well.
We are committed to the promotion of local, regional and national awareness of Reggae Dancehall Music in BC and other province in Canada and the Universe.


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